A Letter to My Sister On Her Birthday

Walking with each other think we’ll never match at all, but we do
— Adele, “My Same”

We have a friendship that, in many ways, is improbable. We are almost complete opposites and, somehow, it’s worked out. You and your frenetic energy and me and my laid-back calm make for an interesting duo. There are so many differences between us that I could talk about them forever: your bubbly openness, my introverted awkwardness. Dude, there are so many. I’ve probably listed all of them before. But even with all that we click.

In our friendship I have found a safe place. A person who understands my weirdness. A person I can share stupid, often inappropriate, jokes with.

We have grown so much separately and as a team and I have loved so much of it.

You’ve become an amazing woman. You’re charismatic, charming, giving, understanding, selfless, adventurous, daring, supportive, effervescent. I love that you never stop challenging yourself and you never settle. You are always looking for the very best for yourself and I’m proud of your progress and your vision.

Not having you around this year has been a trial for both of us. For a couple of weeks after you left I would cry when something reminded me of you. I was such a baby. I would want to call you with whatever new story I had, or meet up to have dinner and then it would hit me (hard) that you weren’t around. You weren’t in town, or the city, or the state, or the country, or the continent! Then I would remember that you are out there changing the world, helping people, making a difference. It warms my heart, it makes me smile. It makes me proud that we are friends… sisters.

You are so unique. I have yet to meet someone who is as passionate about life as you are. I can’t wait to see what great new risks you’ll take next. I am prepared to help you through it the best way I can.

I love you so very much. I miss you like crazy. I can’t wait until I get to see you again so we can talk about … everything (!). I can talk to you about anything… from Ryan Gosling to female empowerment to consuming local products. There is never a dull moment.

I appreciate you. You fucking rock.


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